Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to make a habit stick

I think I have come to the realization that I have discovered how to make a habit stick. In November I started my "90 days" of P90X in December I started my "90 Day read through the Bible" and I think I've figured out why they both chose 90. Ninety days at least to me is what changes something from an obligation to a habit. I have been "finished" with P90X for about a month now, but any day I don't work out I feel like I am letting myself down, I haven't done near as many P90X workouts because no I really don't want to give an hour 15 minutes every day. I served my 90 days but if I don't do some sort of workout for about 30 minutes I feel like I have let myself down (and I'm still holding out on wearing my own jeans until it's shorts season- no maternity clothes for me until at least my birthday (April 29th) ha we will see. As for the Bible reading since then our Sunday School class at church started a Beth Moore take home study (with video during Sunday School) and a couple ladies and I started a Nancy Leigh DeMoss study. Both studies are AMAZING... but what do I find myself grabbing FIRST THING in the morning EVERY morning now? My Bible, even if it's only to read one or two chapters I feel lost if I haven't had my daily intake of my Bible reading. Even when I was reading through the doldrums of Isaiah and Jeremiah and all the other books about how God is going to destroy the cities. I still wanted to be in God's word and now that I'm finally in the New Testament I'm begging Matthew and Mark and Luke to slow down and share more details of Jesus with me. So wow, when I started P90X I wanted to find a way to get physically and spiritually fit and I think I'm on to something. And I'm also very proud that at 15 weeks pregnant I STILL weigh less than I did when I got pregnant with Justus and my jeans still fit fine.

So what is next on my list for things to start doing for 9o days so I do them all the time, housecleaning... that's a huge one for me. I inherited some family genes that don't allow me to keep a clean house, oh how I wish I had gotten Great Grandma Isaac's skills in that area! I seem to go like this my house is clean for one week out of a month and the rest is a a total disaster area. I get it clean because of (fill in the blank probably someone stopping over) and then maintain it for a week and then just stop maintaining. So I would like to do that. Also I bought Kiah a book for her birthday that is a Preschool learning Bible book with pictures to color I bought it so that we would do one picture together every day. Well by fault of both of us (more mine) we haven't been doing it very good so I would like to start that. I'd also like to start reading Justus one book a day, which I know I did with Kiah every day when she was his age but she never tried to escape after page one like he always does. With Kjell I guess a good night kiss would work, we've kind of gotten out of that habit, I'm glad that he and I still do our nightly devotion together though.

So anyone else got anything they want to add to the list for themselves? let me know. Oh yeah and the last two weeks I've been doing Jillian Micheals 30 day shred. I though hey 30 minutes a day can't be too bad right? It's hard but I'm starting to love it. I have a hard time doing the weights though when mine are 6 lbs and they are holding like 2 or 3 lbs.

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