Sunday, February 7, 2010

So I lied, a little

Well I started doing P90X back in October and finished it in late January. I had so many people ask me about the program, start the program or are getting ready to start the program and the main two questions were did you like it? and did you lose weight? I said it was the workout I loved to hate. I also said I fit in jeans that I hadn't worn since before I was pregnant with Kiah, and that I lost two pounds. All this is true. What I failed to mention is that when I was finished with the program two weeks ago I was 11 weeks pregnant. Yes I did 14 weeks of P90X while being pregnant for most of it. And now at 13 weeks I feel I am just starting to show, and I actually still haven't gained any weight. The reason we actually waited so long to tell people (well long for us) was because I just really didn't want to have anyone telling me, "you shouldn't be doing this workout" "do you think you should be doing this?" and all those other questions that people think they can let you know they feel when they find out you are pregnant. It's like it's a free ticket to tell someone what you think is right for their body (if you think I sound cynical remember I have had two other children I'm just being truthful!) I was super excited though when I went to my doctor and I've seen two different people and they both said, if I want to stick with the program I can! They even told me they had one lady who did her ab workout until she was THIRTY SIX weeks! I felt that was my green light to do what I need to do to stay in shape! As for P90X when we first found out I was pregnant, I kept doing the same workouts but took out the ab ripper (which when my dr told me that last week went right back in!) and then switched out my favorite (but deffinitly most butt kicking) workout plyo and switched in cardio (which became my new favorite) There I feel like I have let a load off of my chest! So now I'm 13.5 weeks along. Still working out not wanting to burn myself out on P90X since mom and I plan on doing the full 90 again in Jan 2011 and start planning our cruise (something I told mom we were doing when I was done having kids and done nursing. I've been saving for YEARS!

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