Saturday, January 30, 2010

The end of the "spending freeze" month one

Well I balanced our budget this month and it looks a lot more like the federal government now than it has in the past. A lot more red then black. So I wanted to know what in the world went wrong with this spending freeze it's sounding more and more like Obama's. Ok I shouldn't have gone there, but the fact of the matter was 1) last month's credit card bill gets paid this month and it was huge several dr bills and car bills, 2) somehow I paid my electric bill twice this month, once at the beginning and once at the end guess I never paid it the month before (don't worry it was still on time but not on MY time) And that was about all I could find as to why we have a big old negative $275 this month. BUT on a happy note my credit card balance is $4.34 and I only have ten more days before the end of that cycle so although we are doing this Jan, Feb, and March we will feel the benefits of it in Feb, March, and April. I've decided I don't quite like going this hard core. Take for instance the fact that I have a party tomorrow night. 2 liter pops were on sale at Dillons this week and I really would have liked to buy some for my party, however since we can't spend money I didn't buy any. However when I got home I realized we had five 2 liters and then one of the girls called and asked if she could bring anything and I told her to bring 2 2 liters so I guess that one all worked out. Then there's diapers. Did not realize I was down to my last pack when I was in Colby last time they also had Huggies on sale for $8.99 and I had several coupons. But instead of looking at them I just bypassed and now wish I would have bought one pack that would have saved me some money. Oh well I did a survey this week that may send me a pack of diapers to try out so I'm hoping I get that opportunity. I've done that several times and tried several brands I buy anyways, I think I've "tried" all three major brands for them in the past.

So I think this is the most interesting part. Here is what I got as far as online survey incentives for the month of Jan. This was a FABULOUS month. This RARELY happens. Actually I think I've figured out it happens about two times a year. This year since I'm keeping really good tabs I will know but here is what it shapes up to be.
Jan 4th $25.00 Home Depot gc (e-poll account) $5.00 Target gc some "facial survey" they said I tookd I didn't remember
Jan 5th $20.00 check from Tuluna
Jan 12th $20.00 gc (valued opinion)
Jan 15th Huge body wash to use for two weeks (Zoom Panel)
Jan 19th $10.00 check (synovate) and $50.00 check (global test market)
Jan 27th won't say brand since I'm testing. 1 set teeth whitening strips, full size toothpaste and full size mouth rinse to test for one week (Daily Candy, my first experience with them)

Great month as far as rewards, but after being behind and not qualifying for much this last month the money will be slim in Feb. I say my average is around $20 bucks a month

NOW onto my freebies for a month. I really wish this thing had copy and paste but for some reason it doesn't work. I have a TON to post as far as freebies.

Jan 2nd (we were gone for two weeks so some of these may have come in Dec
Grocery tote bag, charmin toilet paper extender, folgers single use coffee sample, device to check the belt on your car, powerbar energy gel blasts, stacy's pita chips single serve bag, two excedrin tablets

Jan 4th Lipton green tea (four bags), address labels from Arbor day

Jan 5th wild grape pop tarts (one "bag" two poptarts)

Jan 8th New Yorker calendar poster

Jan 11th Kotex ultra thin overnight pad, address labels (wanted me to buy magazines) Atkins quick-start guide, carb counting book and three snack bars, WATCH magazine

Jan 15th Pampers coupons $3.00 off diapers, $1.00 off wipes, $2.00 off diapers, $0.50 off wipes

Jan 16th Buy one get one free starkest creations from Vocalpoint, Vaska herbal laundry detergent (one time use) Glowelle- "beauty drink mix" and a little makeup bag, Roadsides in Bloom 2010 calendar

Jan 19th Slim-fast peanut butter snack bar, coupon for free international delight coffee creamer, Eat Better America 2010 calendar, American Baby Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine Feb 2010

Jan 20th Digiorno Pizza pack from set included 15 $4.00 off DiGiorno pizza coupons, 6 FREE DiGiorno Pizza coupons, a football shaped hot pad, 16 stickers, a pizza cutter, a clip/magnet, and 15 "rally bead" necklaces, coupon for free bag of Stacy's product (pita chips etc.) Disney stickers, Escade perfume sample

Jan 22nd St. Jude address labels

Jan 25th RepHresh vaginal gel applicator plus $1.00 off coupon, 2010 Betty Crocker Calendar, 2010 Pillsbury Calendar, Ladies' Home Journal Feb 2010, The Oprah Magazine Feb 2010

Jan 27th Omega 3 orange squeeze sample with $5.00 coupon, 2 Huggies Pullups (from Costco)

Jan 29th Nordic Naturals vitamins, 2 tablets Omega-3, 2 tablets DHA, 2 tablets kids' multivitamins, Tylenol "workout" DVD and pedometer

Jan 30th American Baby Feb 2010, Spark energy drink powder mix

Wow that was a lot to type over again. My favorites...... Of course the free pizzas, the poptarts were really yummy. And I always enjoy my magazines but I'm still several months from reading those because I'm behind. Ones I didn't need, the new yorker calendar, and the starkist one but I handed that one off to a friend so she could use it we just don't eat tuna. Stay tuned for next month. I am SHOCKED at how many free samples I get. I'm glad I decided to start keeping track. I should also keep track of what I use and don't still trying to figure out where to hang up all these calendars!

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