Sunday, January 3, 2010

My new year's resolution

Ok so we are on what day three of this whole at least three month spending freeze. Let me tell you how hard it has been! Oh my goodness. Day one I did purchase something but I had to because it was something I needed to order but was waiting for a good price. I had a few things that were "grandfathered in" I had to buy Kjell a book for his class this semester, he needed three and so far I've only been able to find good deals on two of them I have about a week and a half more to look. Then Saturday morning my mom has a Mary Kay party, day two REALLY?? so she told me to write down my stuff like I was going to buy it and then she bought it, I got two things so I should be fine on makeup for the next couple months too. THEN that evening we came back to Atwood and stopped in Garden to get my body pillow, I was supposed to get it when we were in Dodge for Christmas but I forgot so I had Christmas money to buy that. So we have bought stuff, but we aren't using our credit card. Now this spending freeze is not so I can get my credit cards under control.... they are. I pay off the balance every month so it's not a big deal but I just don't want to spend money on extra stuff, just the necessities which it looks like will be diaper wipes didn't realize I was completely out until Justus had a blowout tonight. Grrrr so I really did think it would be easy to at least make it a week but I haven't figured that out yet. Plus in two weeks we are having some people over for a Pizza party I won a digorino pizza party from digorino and have to invite people over for the NFC or AFC championship game, I'm excited but have to figure out how to "use what I have" to host a party! Guess we will be drinking juice because we don't have any pop in the house! Plus how do you pay a babysitter without money? lol Then we are having our AWANA kids over for the Superbowl, and we have been invited to a first birthday party for a little girl next weekend. This is not supposed to be easy huh?

So I've decided I'm going to keep track of all the free stuff I receive this year, I thought it might be good to see just how much free stuff I get. When we got home from all our Christmasing we had two weeks worth of mail in our box. I had received a free bag (like the kind you bring to the grocery store) a charmin TP extender (which I needed like four months ago) a one use pack of folgers coffee, a little device that can tell you if you need a new belt in your car, some powerbar energy gel blasts they smell good but have caffeine in them so I'm scared of them! some pita chips that I want to eat right now! and two tablets of excedrin, not a bad haul. Just waiting for an offer of a trial size of deodorant! I'm a little low and one of those can last a whole month!

Also received a $25 gift card from Home Depot from doing surveys and a $5 target gc for doing ONE survey! Not a bad haul, and I only had one bill in the mail! lol that is why I love getting mail! So I am going to keep track of CC spending this year by category so I can see where we need to work, I really just want to see how much unnecessary money we spend, I don't feel like it's a lot but I'd like to know.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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  1. Hey, awesome to keep up with the family! I've added your blog from mine. I'm going to start doing my updates there pretty soon. Thanks for the link on your Facebook!