Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pride comes before the fall

So I have decided I have an inflated head. Now before you go wondering about the size of my head I am talking about my ego. Well my workout ego. See I finished P90X on Saturday. Looking back I really enjoyed it and it's amazing how many people I got started doing it, I think I have six facebook friends who have started doing it and my "little brother" he's 6'5", and two of his college roommates started two weeks ago. I can't believe I actually finished it in NINTY days I thought for sure with Christmas in there and Thanksgiving and tons of traveling I would have several days at the end to make up. But I didn't so I was pretty cocking this weekend, telling Kjell I have bigger guns then he does (I don't) and thinking I could pretty much cakewalk my way through any workout out there. Yeah but then there's Jillian Micheals who comes in and bursts my bubble. Not sure when I bought it about six months back I bought her 30 day shred. The video has three phases and get this is TWENTY SIX minutes long. I had done phase one back in the day but was so cocky yesterday I started with phase three. Jillian KICKED MY BOOTY. OH my, different workout people have different styles and she just goes goes goes and when the "short" 26 minutes are done I was left on the floor feeling like someone who had been dunked in a water trough sixteen times. Wow. So no more big head! But I am continuing to workout. Today I did my favorite P90X workout it's cardio it's only 43 minutes long and it has yoga, plyo, kempo, and core in it. So it's all short enough parts that you don't get too burned out. I'm going to continue doing the workouts I like (tues, weds, fri and sat) and putting a bit of Jillian in however I may back it up a step and do phase two and work my way up to phase three.

As far as the spending freeze, we went to Colby today and spent 4.36 on the credit card. That purchased us. 6 digiorno pizzas, 4 jars of baby food(fruit since I have yet to find yogurt on clearence) one thing of coffee creamer (I don't drink coffee but drink tea and want to see if that can help the flavor of hot tea) and a tub of diaper wipes. Everything was free but the diaper wipes which I had to have and had a dollar coupon for the rest was just tax on the other stuff. I'm planning on posting all my freebies, and survey stuff I've done and also let you know how much we spent. Speaking of which I need to go balance the checkbook.

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