Saturday, November 21, 2015

TAZO Chai Tea Sample #Review

Fall is here, which means it's time for me to finally pull out my coffee mugs and drink some hot drinks. I was so excited to get some free samples from Smiley360 and TAZO to try their vanilla caramel latte tea concentrate. This is the easiest fun tea to make. All I have to do is pour half a cup of milk into my cup and half a cup of the concentrate and then microwave it. The cool thing is depending on how strong you like your tea you can add more concentrate or more milk. If a person wants a very large mug of tea that's fine just add equal parts of both the concentrate and the milk. I personally love the concentrates and have had them in the past. They have a wonderful Mocha flavor and a seasonal Pumpkin Spice. Which I still have not been able to find but am hoping since we are going to the city this week I will finally be able to buy some. I was also able to try out a few of the tea bags and while I enjoyed them I 100% prefer the concentrate. Not that it tastes bad it is totally a personal preference. So the next time you want to put your feet up and just try to stay warm on a cold day check out this wonderful product.

Thank you Smiley360 and TAZO for the free samples I was able to have and share with friends and family. All the words here are my own.

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