Thursday, February 18, 2016

Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets #Review

Valentine's day was upon us and I had to bake my famous sugar cookies- yes they really are famous. I had a teacher who had one of my children last year specifically ask me if I would bring these for the Valentine party. It was the perfect time to try out my new Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets. I used them in two ways. First I took two sheets to the paper and put my dough along with some flour and rolled them out that way. It makes it so much easier to get them off of the paper than it is to get them off of a surface. Plus the rolling pin stays clean and there is no need to worry about getting any dough stuck on the pin. I then placed a sheet of the parchment paper on my baking trays. I was skeptical that I would see much of a difference because my cookies usually don't have any issues (or so I thought!) on my pans. I baked several trays on the Reynolds baking sheets and then decided to test a group without using the paper. I didn't realize that they really did stick to the tray! I had NO trouble getting the ones off using the Reynolds product but I had to get my server our to try to get the cookies off the tray without the paper and then they left some crumbs on the tray so the bottoms were not as smooth. Also the ones with paper seemed a bit darker and a tad discolored. Something I would not have even thought twice about if I hadn't had the paper. However having it showed me how much better they looked when they had that extra protection between the sheet and the cookie. I loved how they were precut and fit on all of my trays that made it super easy.

Oh I guess I technically used them three ways after I frosted them I put a sheet between each level so I could stack them and the frosting wouldn't stick. These will for sure be a new must have in my house. My only question as a famous (well in my neck of the woods) cookie baker is, How did it take me so long to find this great product?!?!

All the words and statements here are my own. I was given a free product thanks to Crowdtap and Reynolds in exchange for my review. 

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