Thursday, February 11, 2016

Listerine HealthyWhite anticavity mouthwash review

I was excited to get to try Listerine's new HealthyWhite anticavity mouthwash, because I have been thinking lately man my teeth are yellow! I thought this product worked really well at whitening my teeth I am just sad that the picture I posted doesn't really show much change because I notice it a lot! The wash doesn't really have a flavor but I would swish for one minute and then spit. Then the directions say not to eat or drink for 30 minutes. I did not read that the first time so make sure you remember this. Also there is a bit of "residue" that stays on your teeth- which I thought was great it looks like it is continuing to work, but you also don't want to show up like that for work :) Overall I thought it was a great product, my only thought would be to add a fun fresh flavor to it but other than that it was great.

Thank you Crowdtap and Listerine for giving me a free sample of this product in exchange for my review. All the words here are my own.

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