Wednesday, October 5, 2016

EQtainment Product Review #Sponsored

If any of you know me and my family you know we love board games. Kjell and I love to play games and are always looking for new ones, it's no different as a family we love to have game nights as well. There is only one thing lacking from most games, a point more than just WINNING. Which my family all so loves to do. So when the opportunity came to get to try a new game from EQtainment I was very intrigued. A board game that taught on manners and social skills? Learning while playing? Where do I sign up/ Right now there are five components to the line and I will share with you a bit on all of them.
Q- first off Q is a cute little monkey that often doesn't know how he should do in certain situations so kids get to tell Q how he should respond
He is also used as a calming tool. Where if a child is acting out or losing control I grab Q and tell them to lay down and then the child puts Q on his tummy and watches his rising and fall of his breath move Q. I honestly thought this was a bit loopy at first but my outburst child (not pictured) has really taken to Q and it has worked on several occasions. 
The second component will now make a little more sense. It is a board game that has YOU cards (where you answer a question about yourself) DO cards (where you have to do something physical like kick your legs or flip your hands) or Q cards, (a situation is presented that Q has found himself in and we try to figure out how he should handle himself. I loved this game and since a lot of my readers are Believers- this game makes it super easy to go there. We can help explain to Q that when he is mad at his mom he still needs to obey because that is what we learn in the Bible- it is VERY easy to add that element into this game. I played with several different age groups and kids from 3 to 10 like it but the sweet spot looks to be kindergarten to 2nd grade. 

The third component is Q's race to the Top game on the go- it is basically the same as the board game only there is no board game. They say it is good for car trips which I thought was awesome, but someone forgot to tell the makers of the cards that it's pretty impossible to balance on one foot in a car when you are buckled in! So some improvising may need to be done on some of the DO cards. 

There is also a story book that tells of one of Q's adventures- it comes with a read along CD that has some cool sound effects  
The final part to the pack right now is a coloring/learning book that is also about Q. 
Like I said I am in love with all of these products. I think the game is something that is NEEDED for our kids today and I know that my kids loved playing it and we will play it again soon. 

As I was about to post this I forgot about the newest parts that they added. There is a TV show featuring Q and also an APP that you can customize by taking a quiz on your child for helping them grow in the areas where they need help the most! The app is 7.99 for a month or 64.99 for a year. But they have free 30 day trials on the app. 

This packet of goodies would be a great Christmas present. The whole pack with everything I just described is on the EQtainment website for $61.99 if you order now and use the discount code of HouseParty- you can get 20% off of your order cost. Which lowers the cost for everything for right under $50 before shipping. I am not sure what the shipping costs are.

Thank you EQtainment and Tryazon for sending me this product for free to share with my friends and family. All the words stated here are my own.   

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