Thursday, October 20, 2016

Unreal Candy (is amazing) #Review

I LOVE chocolate candy. Always have always will- a person could throw a whole bowl of non chocolate candy at me and I could care less but put chocolate in front of me and I get very tempted. I don't like to eat it all the time though because it's not really good for me and has a bunch of not good for me ingredients. Enter Unreal candy
This candy was invented by a kid whose dad told him he couldn't eat candy unless he found a healthier candy. This made the kid set out to prove that he could make a healthier treat, and let me tell you he succeeded. Here is a video to learn more about the product from the company themselves. We got to try their chocolate candy covered in a brightly colored shell-these shells are NOT made with artificial coloring but with natural colors from fruits and veggies. My kids thought that sounded weird yet they loved them when they got to taste them. We also go to try their original milk chocolate peanut butter cups, dark chocolate pb cups, dark chocolate coconut cups, and dark chocolate with quinoa (these were so good- had a texture like a crunch bar.) I love all of these-every single one tastes like "real" candy but I don't feel as guilty eating them. I think if you are looking for a fun treat to hand out at Halloween, you should look into buying some of these for those trick-or-treaters. My kids were huge fans, while I was sharing... which stopped pretty quickly since I liked them so much. 

Thank you Tryazon and Unreal Candy for sending me some free products so that I could pass them out to my friends and family. All the words here are my own.   

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