Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tryazon and Wow Gear Cups and Snack Pals review

Tryazon is always my favorite company to tell me what cool new products are out there that I have never heard of but then find out I really need them. They didn't disappoint this time as they sent me a cup that doesn't spill (check them out on their facebook page) AND SnackPal snack dispensers that are pretty cool!
The snack pals work in a way that after loading the bottom with snacks and handing the off to my child they have to have the lid closed- turn it upside down and shake it twice to get part of the snack in the top of the container. That way if they are young you can help them portion their snack while still having more than they need because they are too young to understand how to use it. Or if they are older like my children these are great for the car because if they drop it they won't spill as much and won't lose their whole snack since most of it will still be in the bottom. We also enjoyed the non spilling cup they sent although it was a little tricky to use at first, all the kids seem to catch on quickly. 

Thank you Tryazon and Wow Gear for all the great things we got to try as you can see we had a great time sharing with our friends.  

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