Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fight or Flight?

So I must learn to keep my mouth shut. Yesterday I was telling someone we had had no drama at our house for the first time in a long time. The "big drama" was the naked lady lamp that our neighbors decided to get rid of by putting it next to their garbage can Friday afternoon after trash came Friday morning. Luckily someone with a different sense of humor than me came a long and picked it up, I'm guessing I did post about it on facebook! So at least it didn't sit there a week!

People always say a person's true identity is revealed when they face a crisis, and what we are going through right now is not in any sense a crisis but once again in my weeks of self discovery (somehow I've been learning a lot about myself in the past couple of weeks!) I've decided when I get backed into a corner I'm definitely a fighter not a flighter. I think I've always been this way not very afraid to voice my opinions in high school or in college. Then you reach that age of "adulthood" where you are supposed to learn class and not open your mouth with every issue that presents itself. I have done that very well for awhile. Then we moved back to a small town. :) nothing like small town drama. Where anyone and everyone can decide for themselves that your business somehow became their business, where even if I live here for 20 years the Nordgrens will still be the "new people in town" and last names totally matter. Don't worry I'm not bashing small town I mean I've lived in one all but 6 years of my almost 29 year life. They have their perks too, like going to a neighbor for a cup of sugar or on move in all the food that was brought to us (probably more to be nosy than to be hospitable but still) when Kjell and I lived in Independence MO we didn't know a single one of our neighbors just that one was obese, one had a dog and one smoked pot. If my kid is found playing in the street THREE people stop at the house to make sure I knew where she was and when a rattle snake crawled out of our yard the man who killed it let us know it came out of our yard. And that feeling of going to football games on Friday night and seeing the whole town there. And everyone getting geared up for prom. I mean it's got it's good too! But in a city everyone kind of minds their own and none of those issues really get brought up. So there's no need to be loud and disagree.

The question what would Jesus do always gets me too because especially when I'm mad I picture him with the whip and clearing out the temple. lol if only my reasonings were as holy as His. So the dilemma still presents itself how do you disagree with someone and not go about it in sin. How do I argue without being mad, or feeling maybe just maybe in this situation I'm smarter than the other person. Hummm this I shall ponder as I prepare my next chess move. Isn't that what life really is though a bunch of reactions because of the way others react so on and so forth.

So as we have our small town drama here in Atwood I'm excited to announce I can now feel the baby kicking. which may be a good thing since I'm still not sure this whole pregnancy is real. I mean I always said I wanted that surprise pregnancy but this one is still such a shock to me I may still be in shock when we come home from the hospital. If this kid is like either of the other two in about a month it's presence will be felt OFTEN and PAINFULLY (my right ribs are still bruised from the other two) then maybe it will sink in!

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