Thursday, April 1, 2010

writting a letter to Oprah

So let me be the first to say this I don't like Oprah, I don't tend to agree with the things Oprah says and besides Tina Faye who played Sarah Palin in SNL I think she singlehandedly had the most influence over why Obama sits in the White house (besides God of course who knew this would all happen) anyways I'm also I sucker for free things and recieved her O! magazine free for a year It's been ok because at Christmas she had a 5 dollar coupon off any hallmark purchase so I got to use that, but today I was reading her November issue (I am like my mom and months behind on my reading) and was highly disappointed, Oprah was quoted as thinking as a child as she watched her grandmother hang up laundry outside that she wanted a better life than that, or that there was more to life than that. A couple of pages later some fashion designer is quoted as saying when she was a kid she saw her dad give her a washing machine for a gift and how happy her mom was and "knew that was NOT the life for her" I guess I shouldn't put these in quotes since they aren't quite the exact words they said but ya get the picture. So I wrote a letter. I mean seriously Oprah is on at 4 in the afternoon who does she think watches her show, if she wants all women out in the workforce then she would have never been as big as she is (her show not her body, I see she has struggled with that over the years)

I would love if Kjell brought me a washing machine that actually worked, and ya know what in the summer I hang out my laundry to *gasp* air dry to save a couple bucks. I mean you'd think with how green liberals are supposed to be they would make that manditory. But heck they have maids for all that stuff. Or they can just afford to throw their stuff away and get new stuff. I LOVE being a stay at home mom. WhenI started almost four years ago that first month I thought I would die. I wanted to be around other "humans" soooo badly. But now I couldn't imagine life any differently. I get to help my kids learn, I get to see every new thing. And it may not always be easy living on one income, but we make do.

Our spending freeze ended yesterday on a HIGH note. we were able to be 1200 dollars in the black this month. That means I had money to pay off a small debt we owed, and put a lot of money in my envelope system, and towards paying for this baby and paying off my house. We don't eat out, I don't get my nails done and I rarely get to see a movie in the theater. but I get to have the best job I could possibly have, being with my kids and teaching them the values and morals and life lessons that I want them to know.

So Oprah... I'm sorry this stay at home mom is going to continue hanging my laundry out to dry and if you would like to ever help a "poor ole stay at home mom out" I'd sure love a front loading washing machine and matching dryer. It'd make my day!

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  1. Hey, it's your green friend Beth here... not all liberals are rich. :)