Thursday, April 8, 2010

moving and not pregnant

These are the rumors going around about my family in Atwood. Well the moving part is what we have heard the most about this week. Somehow people are starting to talk about us leaving. And then some people didn't know we were having a baby in less than four months. :) that's ok it just means my 9 lb gain hasn't started showing too much yet!

I've ranted about small towns in the past and as much as I love living in one they can just about drive a person mad. Here's the deal, there are unforseen amounts of budget cuts in EVERY school district in Kansas. that is a FACT. The next fact is school boards all over the state have some very tough decisions to make but DON'T yet know how much money they will be without because the Kansas St legislature just started a 3 week 'vacation" must be nice. So more facts. Kjell is one of the newest teachers in Atwood. So here's the delimia do you just sit around and wait for the board to say yes we want to keep you or do you at least see what is available out there? In my mind you don't stick your head in the sand and pretend that everything is fine. So yes we have looked in to a couple other schools but do we want to move NO. What scares me the most is the school board may hear these rumors and think "oh Kjell wants to leave so we might as well just delete his postion." so let me say it again. I AND MY HUSBAND DO NOT WISH TO LEAVE ATWOOD AT THIS TIME :) I'm having a baby this summer for goodness sake I can't imgine a move on top of this. But it all boils down to is God's will, not mine or Kjell's will be done. If He has us moving we will be moving, if He has us staying we will be staying. I had been doing so good to not worry since spring break but this has all stirred up all those crazy worries in my mind again. I HATE that. I just want to enjoy life one day at a time. I'm scared. I have a house not paid off in atwood, I have a husband who loves his job and a daughter who loves her preschool and we have really just in the last year felt we have made some really good friends. I don't know...

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