Thursday, April 22, 2010

long time no post

Well I am anxious to see where this blog goes because I don't really know what I'm going to say but I haven't written for so long I figured I needed to write. The pregnancy is going good, I'm at 24 weeks and still in regular clothes, although part of that is because Kjell hasn't brought my clothes up from the basement yet. It's always fun to pull those big tent shirts out and wonder if I will actually get that big and have to wear them (and the answer is always yes!) I had done amazingly well on my weight only five pounds in five months, then we went to Meade for Easter. For some reason we always eat way too much food in Meade it's kind of my mom's and my time to try new recipes and mostly desserts and just eat way too much. Needless to say I came home having gained another 4.5 pounds. :( So did Kjell though but he lost it in like one day... buckethead. Since then I have continued to gain rather rapidly compared to how I gained in the first several months. I'm up to having gained 12 lbs. Even though I am working out every day!!! Too many baked goods around... cake more cake, cookies cupcakes.... I'm a sucker for those yummy treats.

As for my workouts I finished the first month of my new program it is really a four month program but I'm going to try to attempt the first three months. Month four would put me right up at my due date not sure I want to still be doing jumping jacks then. Am debating having to take one of the days out though already because it's putting a lot of strain on my body for the past two weeks I don't want to do anything stupid so I may just have to add one of my favorite P90X workouts back into to make up the difference. We shall see. I'm too tough on myself to know if I truly need to quit or am I just a wimp?? I hate quiting anything.

As far as do we know what the results are from the school budget cuts. No, they are planning to wait until the latest day possible to let people know if they are hired or fired for next year. FUN times, the wonderful state of Kansas decided to allow them an extra three weeks to give staff notice, why? because some counties have school board primaries or elections coming up and the state thinks it would be horrible for these wonderful school board members to lose their postions over "tough choices" that's all nice but WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO ACTUALLY GET PAID and need to make adjustments if they tell them they aren't coming back next year?? Good grief. Kjell and I on most days are very calm about the whole thing but it sure is hard to make any future plans just not knowing what is going to happen, as in we don't even know where we should plan to put the new baby, or her clothes.... so sad I can't plan anything oh well we only have one more month of waiting.

Kiah is growing up too fast, she and I do four preschool books every day and she is just super sharp and would love to do more if I let her. I figure for now that is probably enough but we have fun coloring and learning together she is very excited to finish one book because then I told her we could start a new one and she picked out a math book that she can't wait to try and has already been practicing.

Justus is learning so many new words. We do however believe he speaks either Chineese or Vietnames because somedays we just don't have a clue what he is saying. He now says night night when we put him to bed it is so cute because he insists on yelling it several times for all to hear. When you ask him to give you kisses he honks your nose instead. And he is all boy because he loves to play with balls and also loves to drive cars or anything with wheels around the house. We have to watch him outside because he thinks it's a game to run out into the street and we live at a pretty heavily trafficed (for Atwood) corner.

The new baby as you read above weighs in at 12 lbs already haha! She has found my ribs already and if you know anything about my other two pregnancies you know this has been a sore spot total pun intended with both of my other children. Kiah kicked me all the time my students that I was a para for made fun of me because I would sit in class holding my stomach down off my ribs all the time so she wouldn't be able to kick. Justus head butted me (since he was breach) and I was in so much pain the dr gave me he strongest meds he would give a pregnant woman and it didn't even touch the pain. So you can see why I'm a bit fearful of the next three months with that in my past. I want to get excited but there is so much planning that you need to do when you get excited and I just don't feel I can do that until I know what our future holds.

I read a really good devotional book with a couple of ladies from Atwood called "Lies Women Believe" and the one thing that I have really utilized since the study is that God gives us enough time to do what we need to do." Somehow that has impowered me to stay on top of things, like cleaning. My house has never looked this good for so many days in a row it's amazing (all you clean freaks stay away though because my version of clean and yours are probably totally different!) I've worked out every day I needed to, done Kiah's preschool books with her, stayed almost caught up on my e-mail and managed to do two Bible study lessons. I don't have more time I am just using it better in my opinion. That's it for now!

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