Sunday, November 3, 2013

Starkist Tuna Creations

Ok so I have to start by saying I am not usually a huge tuna fan. But I was so excited to try this new product from Starkist.  The picture posted is actually my salad that I ate this last week and it was so super good. It comes in these little pouches that look like this 
the kind I got to try was Ranch they said you can just eat it out of the pouch, put it on crackers or on a salad. I was very excited to try it on a salad and it was not a disappointment. I did add a bit of Ranch dressing to mine to add just a little bit of moisture but not very much just maybe a teaspoon for the whole bowl. I was very impressed with the flavor and the next day I was wishing I could have some more. I looked them up online and they cost $1.25 at Walmart which isn't too bad of a price. I will for sure be looking for these to go on sale so I can stock up. I am not sure how many flavors they have but I am excited to try them but I am guessing ranch will stay my favorite. 

I was provided a sample of this product from Crowdtap. However all the opinions listed here are my own. 

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