Sunday, April 23, 2017

March Freebies I WON A CRUISE!!!!

I have entered sweepstakes for years I have one a few minor prizes and until the month of March the biggest prize I had won was an $800 REI giftcard which we are still a few years later using each year at Christmas time. But this year our local Christian radio station was giving away a cruise not just any cruise a DC TALK reunion tour cruise. To enter I had to fill out a form on line and then listen for my name to be called on the radio, I didn't hear my name but my pastor's wife heard it and texted me so I called in and barely made it. Then all those whose names were called were put into the grand drawing. I was ready for that I honestly did not think I would win but the night before they drew the winner I thought about all the little things. I needed to have at least 2-3 radios on and even though it was when the kids were getting ready for school I stood by Karis's radio which was having a hard time picking up the station since her antenna was broken. So I am standing there holding her antenna in just the right spot and not being able to move. And then I heard them call my name. I actually had their number pulled up because I knew if I won I needed to call in quickly just in case someone tried to call me to tell me I won. I remember Kiah basically in one jump getting from the basement to the upstairs and then me just saying thank you alot! lol So in July Kjell and I get to head to Miami to go on a cruise. So nothing could top that of course but here is what else I got this past month. I am super far behind on everything but someday haha I will get caught up! Not getting many samples to share lately so I am sorry to say no giveaways this month. Maybe next month!!

March 10th Mud Body Cream

March 3rd $5 Amazon Gift Card
March 14th Teddy Graham Soft Bakes

March 29th $10 Amazon Gift Card

March 2nd $10 check (Karis)

March 2nd Free Powerbar coupon
March 6th  Vagisil personal Lubricant & Vaginal Moisturizing Gel one applicator plus $3 coupon
March 7th Two free pullups, Apple sauce pouch, 8 pack of baby wipes, small sample of Dove body wash (sam’s club)
March 17th Free Powerbar Coupon

Bon Appetit April
Family Circle April
Family Fun April
Focus on the Family April/May
Golf Mar
Lego Life Magazine
Outside March 
Parents Mar
Real Simple Mar
Redbook Mar
Sports Illustrated Mar 6, March 20, March 27th
Women’s Day April

March 4th Hand Dishwashing Liquid

Opinion Outpost
March 16th $20
March 19th Red Nail Polish to test

March 1st KJIL Jesus Freak Cruise trip!!!!

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