Monday, June 26, 2017

Water Balloon Party thanks to Tryazon and Ogosport

It's always fun when I happen to have a party pack from a great company like Tryazon come alongside one of the kids' birthday. This product by OgoSport was a blast! We tried a few games out before the party to make sure they would work with the bigger group of kids. These products are known as OgoDisk H20. The package is sold for around $20 and they come with two disks and a pack of 50 assorted colored water balloons. Here are some of the things we tried with them. 
Baseball: if you "batted" with two hands it could work it was a lot of fun but a bit hard for the kids to bat and then to try to catch when we only had a few kids in the outfield. 
Volleyball: The kids had a blast with this we had a badminton net up and then put the balloons into play and they enjoyed playing that. 
"Egg" Toss: This game worked really well we had the kids line up and the toss it to their partner and if they caught it the kids would take a step back. It worked so well and the kids had some creative ways to make sure the balloons stayed on their disks. 
5000- This is a game my family plays a lot of- my husband would toss the balloon into the air and say a number of points and whoever caught it would get that amount of points. This one was probably the most exciting because rarely did the first kid whose disk hit it get the points, as these disks are very bouncy! All the kids enjoyed this product and I would say this was the most successful birthday party we have ever had! Everyone in our group got to take their one home and I heard lots of great ideas for what they were going to do with them at home. Thank you Tryazon and OgoSport for sending us such a fun product! Our family loves it and we can't wait to use these for future parties! 

I was given a free product in exchange for me hosting a party- however all the words here are my own. 

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