Monday, July 3, 2017

May freebies and survey rewards

Oh my goodness! You know I am behind when it's July and I am just finally posting about what I got in May. I am also not going to lie- I may have missed some of the mail that came through as it's super hard to keep up when I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off (AKA summer!!!) Today I am sad that Coke points has retired all of their points for good things, they now have sweeps and stuff but you can't keep you points for years and years like we had done. Kjell and I used to find points at the recycling truck next to our apartment complex when we were first married. We are also no longer Sam's club members so I will miss the few freebies we had gotten from them the last few months. If you have any questions please ask :)

ALL community
May 11th All Free and Clear

Coke Points
May 15th 2 AMC movie tickets, a large popcorn and a large pop voucher
2 AMC movie tickets, large popcorn and large soda voucher
2 AMC movie tickets, large popcorn and a large soda voucher

May 24th $5 Amazon Gift Code
May 12th International Delight Coffee Latte Mix

C-Space Twitter insider
May 11th $5 Amazon gift code

May 9th $12.02 paypal credit

May 6th Code for a free 8X8 photo album

5 pack of Mr. Hyde pre-workout powder
a dime and address labels from March of Dimes

Outside June
Parents June
Real Simple May, June
Redbook June
Sports Illustrated May 8th
Woman’s Day June

Opinion Outpost
May 24th $20 paypal

Sample Source
May 10th Target brand 10 load laundry soap
May 15th  cereal bar, breathing strip, bona floor cleaner, lube

Sam’s Club
May 16th Code for a free magnet

Team Beef
May 15th $45 race reimbursement check

$45 Race reimbursement Check (Kjell)  

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