Saturday, July 29, 2017

June Freebies and Samples

I have been SO. FAR. BEHIND. (I am posting June as being done on July 29th if that makes the point anymore clear. I am finally getting to where I am not as behind thanks to Kjell giving me two days to have a "sabbatical" I was supposed to go out of town with a friend to help her drive to Kentucky and while there I was going to just hang out a lot and get caught up on e-mails and scrapbooking but we ended up not going so I told Kjell please give me that time and he did. I managed each day to get through about 200-250 emails get in my 10,000 steps for each day AND work on CASA stuff. I felt so productive and it is funny when I am caught up on recent emails I don't get as many because I no longer get reminders as to needing to do surveys I am behind on. So maybe I will get July done before middle of August. So here is the list of what I got this month. Not gonna lie- I kind of fell of the wagon remembering to write down all my magazines so there may have been more than what I have listed. TRYING to stop getting so many though I just don't have time to read them.
June 24th Body Wash to try for seven days

Family Fun June/July
Outside July
Parents July
Real Simple July
Redbook July/Aug
Sports Illustrated June 5th,  June 26th
Sports Illustrated Kids- June
Women’s Day July/Aug

June 15th Nautica  cologne

Mom’s Meet
June 24th 10 Black Forest Organic candy free product coupons, plus 22 $1 off coupons and information brochures

Opinion Outpost
June Shampoo to test for one month
June 29th $20 Paypal

June 14th one day of gummy vitamins plus a coupon

Smiley360 (twitter party)
June 2nd Premium BBQ Grill Mat and 3 piece stainless steel BBQ and grill set

Team Beef
June 19th $65 check for running the Bill Snyder Half for me
$65 check for running the Bill Snyder half for Kjell

June 14th two T-shirts, 3 head bands, a water bottle and 10  packs of discs with 50 water balloons each.

June 2nd 1 pack  (2 poptarts) of new Jolly Rancher Cherry poptarts

Just going to leave this here this month- if you have questions reach on on facebook or twitter and let me know which companies you have started working for. Tryazon has been my favorite lately we got another party in July and will be hosting again in August! So excited. 

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