Thursday, July 27, 2017

RXBAR Kids Protein Bars Review

Thanks to Crowdtap and RXBAR Kids Protein Bars we were given the opportunity to try these new protein bars for kids. I will review them by flavor because my kids had different opinions about all three of them!

I will start with the green package- apple cinnamon raisin. It was the one the kids thought they would like the least. They actually thought it was "better than it sounded", as in they didn't think they were going to like it but they were all pleasantly surprised by the taste. None of the kids were sure they wanted me to buy a full box of that flavor though. The Chocolate one was next- the first thing I will point out is that my 4 year old though the chocolate chip was the poop emoji! lol that made us all laugh. I had two kids that loved this one and two that didn't. I also tried them and thought it tasted like a tootsie roll so the kids that like tootsie rolls loved it and the ones that don't didn't like it. Our favorite one was the very berry. All the kids thought it smelled like candy and were super excited to try it. They loved the fruity flavor and this one seemed less "protein bar" than the other two. With our free coupon we received the kids all said I should buy this one. Thank you Crowdtap and RXBAR Kids Protein Bars for the free samples- all the words in this blog are my own.

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