Friday, August 26, 2011

score samples if you are pregnant or have a new baby

Well today my sample was free shampoo (told you I'll never have to buy it again!) It was Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff shampoo, the little pack has about 2-3 usages in it. Anyways as I was walking to get my mail a friend stopped me because she had gotten a can of formula in the mail today and that is what got me thinking about my topic for today. Freebies for new moms
Here is a website to check out skim through them but the highlights at least to me are the two free magazine subscriptions. I LOOOOVE these two magazines they are short and informative exactly what a mom needs. I am now trying to clip out any breast-feeding articles any of them have but since Karis is one I no longer get them! But they usually had some very good articles plus some coupons sometimes. The other two that I would sign up for are the Pampers and Huggies sites. They want you to buy their product so they will send some high value coupons. The gerber one is good too. They send you formula "checks" (coupons) which I have sold on ebay before and probably made about 40bucks doing that this last year. And if you think you are going to formula feed you can check the enfamil one- or check it anyways you get a cute bag. I always saved all the formula I got and put it in a spot in case I died. I know that sounds silly but I wanted to make sure if I passed away and my breast-feeding infant was left with just their daddy he would be able to find at least a months worth of formula in the house.

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