Friday, August 19, 2011

trying something new

Ok well I'm not going to promise anything but I would like to help some of my friends figure out ways to earn some extra cash and maybe even have some fun freebies show up in the mail. Instead of me researching what is out there and telling you when they are available I'm going to try to let you know about all the goodies I get in my mailbox each day and tell you where you may be able to get some fun stuff too.

Yesterday's mail included two $25.00 Spa Finder gift certificates I received these as a prize from a survey company my history with this company is-this company deals in points I have had a lifelong point total of almost 35,000 points with those points I have bought 2 phones with an answering machine attached, and an advanced weather system clock. Right now I have about 10,000 of those 35,000 points left to spend on something their prize catalog is HUGE everyone should be able to find something. I have been with this company since 2005. So obviously the money is not made quickly. I would say I get about 2 or 3 survey opportunities each week, if you don't win they give you a token for the game they have and you always win, usually 25 points. If you want more information on this company let me know and I will get you referred for opportunity number 1. I have deleted a lot of the survey companies I have had in the past because I didn't think I made money fast enough the only reason here is that they don't give you millions of opportunities (2 to 3 surveys a week is not much) but that means they aren't pesky and filling your in box all the time.

Today I got a check for $20 from another company. I can't tell how long I have been with them it looks like since 2008 since that time I have made $132.00 this company sends a lot more surveys but it's all cash which I think are the best kind. My last check came Aug 1st so sometimes you can make money pretty fast if you qualify. If you do not qualify for a survey you can try to "win" points I've won once since 2008 or they will donate to the Red Cross I think it's 5 or 10 cents. Ask about this one it is opportunity number 2 if I refer you (or you later refer others) you get $1. Kind of nice

Also in my mail today was a bag clip and a coupon for a free bag of Fresh Express Bagged Salad plus 3 $1.00 coupons for my friends (friends I need to remember to pass these out when I have them!!!) This is from a very fun company called Vocal Point. (go to It is more of a "mom site" but they always have new products that companies want to get out there and talked about. They are always free but you have to make sure you are quick to sign up when they have giveaways because they are very popular. Probably in the last 30 days I've gotten a glad trash bag and a Mott's juice box for the kids. I don't always get this many but it's fun to have the cool packages come in the mail. The trash bag came in a cardboard trash can!

My last fun freebie today was from Target 2 size 4 huggies diapers plus $1.50 off coupon. I find out about these freebies on sites such as I have my google reader programed for these sites and I try to get on once or twice a day to pick up on some freebies.

Now I do dedicate about an hour a day to this. Somedays I don't do anything but other days I do. I love football season because I can go all week without doing my emails and do them all while watching football. If you want to start dappling though this is a good start!

Any feedback would be great!

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