Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun mailbox monday- first giveaway!!!

My mail was full of good stuff today! I was excited to get some freebies. I got a 6oz bag of Purina Beneful dog food from Walmart- we don't have a dog but the kids love taking dog food to Topeka and feeding Grandpa and Grandma's dogs when we go!

I got my Santa card for Kiah today in the mail. I posted this freebie on my facebook wall, not sure if it is still available. I LOVE tinyprints and once again they didn't let me down. Still trying to figure out when Kiah should get this I was thinking maybe the Sunday after Thanksgiving.. (if I don't lose it before then!)

Also got a Woman's Day magazine in the mail somehow I have a free subscription until April 2013! Nice

I got a coupon for a free can of cat food which I need since a cat has adopted us to be it's feeding family. I used to have like five bags of samples for cats but he's ate all of those so I may actually have to break down and buy my own bag.

I also got 2 $5.00 coupons for Enfagrow toddler formula. I will try selling these on ebay never have tried selling the toddler kind I'll get back to you on how well I do. I always start them at a penny and then have shipping at 44 cents to cover my stamp only once has something gone for the penny.

OK NOW for the giveaway. I'm gonna go with five winners and each person can have UP TO 3 coupons. Often companies send me a great value coupon and then several a bit lower value coupons to pass out and I've been slacking so here is the giveaway. Open for 24 hours, I will just take the responses as I get them- if I get any... we shall see. Here are your choices

I have FIVE 50 cents off one package of Glad OdorShield with Febreze Freshness trash bags, vocalpoint sent me a sample bag I never thought I'd say a trash bag smell great! but they do
just remember if you use these at Dillons they double so it would really be like a dollar off. got them from vocal point in a cute little trash can container

I have TWO 55 cents off One 64 oz bottle or One 8 pack of 6.75 oz juice boxes of any flavor Mott's for Tots. Also vocal point the kids got a juice box in the mail. They thought that was pretty good, they have 40% less sugar and I could tell but the kids both loved it! May have been cuz it was free and in the mail?? also from vocal point

Ok I have THREE $1.00 off any Fresh Express Bagged Salad also from vocal point. I got this with a free bag clipper and a free coupon for me.

Lastly since I don't have a dog my dog food came with three coupons they are all different so let me know if you want 1, 2 or # 3
#1 Buy one bag purina beneful dog food any size get one 10 oz bag free
#2 Save $2.00 on any one bag of Purina Beneful Dog food (just a tip when you have coupons buy the smallest size you will get more bang for your coupon!!)
#3 Save $1.50 on any package of Purina Beneful Snackin Slices dog snacks. any size

there ya have it. I will contact winners and then ask for you mailing address.


  1. i just sold toddler formula checks on ebay. 2 $5 coupons like you, and someone paid $7! i've been told you can use them on any formula, so everyone still wants them.

  2. yes mine sold for right around five dollars! can't beat free money we always just leave the money in our paypal account and then there is a nice surprise when we go to pay for something and it's not as "expensive" as we had thought!