Friday, September 2, 2011

survey site

Well in my mailbox today I only got free return address labels. I was excited to get some cute ones from St. Jude's hospital.

One of the survey sites I use a lot has openings right now. It is usually closed but they are looking for new members. I have been with them a long time (long enough I don't remember my user name so I can't see my history for how much money I've made ) Well since i can't log in the only thing I can tell you is this year I know I have made $10 not a whole lot of money but they also aren't pushy only getting maybe 1 or 2 surveys a week, I know in the past i have gotten to try a lot of products for them. boy this one just sounds fun doesn't it.... sorry for some reason I can't find my log in stuff... grrr. anyway it really is good lol here it is.

Also another blogger I follow that I won a prize from this week so I figured it was time to give a shout out is: I try to enter all her giveaways and have won.... 4 I think in the last year. This time i won a velco bulletin board. I've won a book, a whole bunch of kids lip gloss and makeup kits, a book, and some toiletries. I've never won the products I really wanted to win but it's still fun to win.

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