Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yesterday's freebies

OH.MY.GOODNESS yesterday I hit the mother load of all freebies. I got lucky by being online at the right time to get picked to host a party I had already been turned down for. It had to be shipped to my mom's post office for some weird reason and the box was so big she couldn't fit it in her car! She had to open the box and dump it all in her trunk. I am the lucky host of a MAM Rock-A-Bye baby party. I am so super excited to host this party since I am at the age in my life where bottles and teethers and toothbrushes are very important to me. (I may need to have another child soon to use the bottles!) I am the breastfeeding peer counselor so I know a TON of moms that have babies and a lot that have babies on the way so I am happy to be able to get together with a bunch of friends and give them stuff. Thank you MAM for letting us test your products. My friends are so excited! As soon as we opened my hostess package Karis wanted the teether open and it hasn't been out of her reach at home in the last 12 hours! If anyone is interested in coming to this party and they haven't been invited just let me know! I won this party from this is the first party I have had for them, it looks like they are fairly new. If you are interested in hosting parties one of the best sites to check out it I have hosted several parties for them in the past four years. It's always fun to have an excuse to have people over.

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