Friday, September 16, 2011


Yesterday I got $17 worth of glade product coupons.

Today I got a free product to try for a week with the family - I can't say what it is but I would say it retails for about 5-7 dollars. I am not sure what survey site it is from since I have about 12 I never know who is sending me what until they send the follow up survey.

I also got 10 free postage stamps in the mail. I work for a company that sends me mail and then the day I get it I call it in and they keep track of how long it takes to get here. They only need one person in per zipcode so if any of my readers outside of Meade are interested let me know. I don't really feel it's worth it some days it takes me 5 minutes to enter the stuff and sometimes I don't get anything which is great. The kids enjoy getting Ranger Rick and another kid magazine like that plus national geographic each month.. and it supports the post office and since that is my mom's livelihood I do it to support her. I just don't really see it as being enough of a payment but if you like receiving catalogs anyways you may enjoy it, most of mine goes straight into the recycling bin each day.

I have been pretty bummed this last week as it just seems everyone is struggling financially, I wish I could help more, I mean it's only so far a couple postage stamps or a free sample toothpaste can go. I just wanted to remind people if you don't have health insurance through yours or our spouse's job and your kids are also uninsured, in Kansas PLEASE look into getting on Healthwave. It is actually really great insurance we have had it for our kids since Kjell has only ever gotten a plan for himself through his job and to get the family on was like 800 bucks a month. If you qualify DO it. We actually make "too much" for the limit now but we still get to have it we just have to pay 20 dollars a month. I don't think you can beat that price. There are also other programs available for women and children (ages birth to five or pregnant women) it is called WIC, they give you checks each month for certain foods and that can help out a lot. If you don't have much money in savings you may also qualify for food stamps. Times are hard and you should feel any shame in taking advantage of the products that are there for you. At least that is how I feel about it.

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