Thursday, September 29, 2011

Huge Party!!

I am so excited to get to host a HUGE party this weekend. Being a family on a budget I cringe every time someone invites me to a cooking party, tupperware party, jewelry party etc. I so want to go and hang out with my friends but it's saying NO always to things like this that we will get our house paid off in 7 years. So I'm always bummed when I hear about them and then end up feeling bad, that is the main reason I LOVE hosting parties. I get to host a party through Child's Play Party (check out their facebook page and sign up) for about 10 ok we will probably have 15 moms there. We get to have a blast learning more about baby's teething, eating and sucking this weekend. These are all MAM products (check out their facebook page) and did you know how many different things they make?? I didn't! I get to give out bottles, pacifiers, toothbrushes, teethers And for everyone that comes it is totally FREE. How fun is that? I get to hand out $30 plus in free goodies. And all they have to do is show up!
Today I'm making the punch (since it's kind of supposed to be set up like a baby shower) and I will be making sugar cookies tomorrow. I have so much fun doing this and I'd like to thank Child's Play for letting me host my first party with them. If they are all this good I would love to do MANY more and maybe even get to come to some that my friends host so sign up today!!! (if you want to see a picture of what I got scroll down a couple of posts, that is not even all of it!

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