Monday, September 19, 2011


Ok Saturday in the mail I got two free magazines. Fitness and Parenting the Younger Years. Today I got my little sample of toothpaste and scope from Walmart- I do believe this is the sample I blogged about in the past! I thought I got something else but I have already forgotten.

Today however I'd like to focus on well my favorite survey site. It is called Pinecone research and they are by far my favorite. Why? Because you qualify for every survey you take. About once a week you will get a household survey to fill out, these usually seem pretty random and all over the place but I have decided it is because they have a handful of surveys for the week and they want to know if you fit good with any of them. If you don't you don't get a survey if you do. You take the survey and get THREE DOLLARS for every survey. That may not sound like a lot of money but in survey land it really is. These surveys can be rather lengthy 15-25 mins but you won't get kicked out midway for not qualifying and sometimes they go faster. They are always about new products and if you fit what they are looking for you may get to test the product and then fill a survey out about it and receive another three dollars. So far this year I have made 48 dollars and tested one product. Since moving to Meade I have not tested near as many products as a did in Atwood I did change my PO box address to my street address and then tested the very next time I took a survey so Meade people use your street address to register. They are also pretty exclusive they only allow new people in at certain times this week is one of those times. :) here is the link to register

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