Monday, September 12, 2011

my feelings about credit cards

Well today was kind of a bummer of a mail day. I got a free Martha Stewart Living magazine and the rest was mostly junk- but that's ok we also learned that Kjell is going to win the Publisher's ClearingHouse 100 million dollar prize just like everyone else in town. So we will be counting on that money coming in soon. ;) The biggest bummer was today was the day that I got TWO credit card bills. We only have two credit cards that we use so to get them both on the same day... not so fun.

So as a money saver- I just thought I'd throw out there how I view credit cards. Use them if you can and only if you know how. I know a lot of people who can not use them who if they see a 299 dollar chair that is screaming their name if they were a CC user they would buy it, but if they had cash they wouldn't even think twice. Those kind of people don't need credit cards and that is fine they are not for everyone. I like credit cards because they pay me. I only use a card that has no annual fees, and ones that "pay me back" in cash. Right now we have a discover card and a chase freedom card. I like it when they do the 5% back- which both of these companies do (on certain items changes every few months. ) The discover card only makes you .25% up to a certain amount if it's not their 5% back promotion so that is the only time we use it. Chase is 1% back on everything and 5% back on certain items. Here is the most important part of Credit card usage. YOU HAVE TO PAY THE WHOLE PAYMENT DUE EACH MONTH. I can not say that any louder. :) Take for example my newest bill if I pay in full this month I'm done paying if I pay the minimum I will have it payed off in.... 17 years. Never pay the minimum!!! That is probably enough about CC if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

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