Sunday, September 4, 2011

am I an extreme couponer

I was asked am I an extreme couponer and my answer would have to be no I am not. The main reason for this is that I live in such a small town that does not even double coupons (yet! I'm still working on my courage to go talk to the manager to get a double day going) and we have basically three very limited places to buy groceries at. Now would I be an extreme couponer if say I lived in Independence MO like we did when we first got married. I would look over three sales papers and figure out which places have the best deals (with coupons and sales) and then pick up the rest of what we needed at Aldi. I do not have that luxury any longer and am only able to make it to Dodge or Liberal about once every two months and so I can only REALLY coupon shop then. Now do I stock up on items when there is a good sale BY GOLLY YES!!! My biggest things I stock up on are cereal (anything at or under $1.50 a box is a great price) I also stock up when diapers are on sale. (if you are a coupon shopper, and I think I have said this before you want to Almost always buy the smallest package to get the most out of your coupon. ) When I can get diapers on sale at 8.99 is when I usually buy them. But do I go crazy, no and since that stupid TV show came out I can't ever get a tube of toothpaste anymore.

I think you should buy what you need and know what you can use. When they have toothpaste at dillons I want to go in with my TWO 50 cent coupons and get my 88 cent toothpaste for FREE because dillons doubles but anymore I go in and all the toothpaste is GONE because somewhere someone needs 30 tubes of toothpaste and that gives them a rush. Now I know some people donate these to homeless shelters and that is a GREAT idea but seeing that show on tv where it looks like people have their own little stores that bothers me. Maybe it shouldn't but I see it more as hoarding than actually saving. If I have that many items I am sure I can find someone who could use them more than me having 30 enter item here sitting on a shelf.

How does it affect the economy- well companies like it because you are buying their product with your coupon. Stores don't mind doubling because they hope you will buy other items if they can pull you in.

Some of you who want to start couponing may ask how do I get coupons- best answer if you know someone who gets the Sunday paper just ask if they use their coupons- we have never bought a Sunday paper but we have family or friends who are willing to save them for us every week. Get one or two of these people and you are pretty well set. Another GREAT place to go is to the recycling center and look through sunday papers. Somedays you will find some someday maybe not but it's worth a shot.

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  1. I totally agree with you on the hoarding. There are some people out here that have garage sales with their stock of coupon items. They are selling them for less than the stores, but it makes me sad.
    But as far a couponing, I am terrible. But because of you it's been on my mind for YEARS and I'm finally getting better at going through the papers to find the best place for deals and going in on items with a friend of mine.