Tuesday, September 13, 2011

online shopping

Nothing free in the mail today, but I did get a package that I ordered and it reminded me of a website I always check out before I order online. before placing any orders go to retailmenot.com and see if they have any specials for the site that you are ordering sometimes they won't but sometimes you get lucky and they do. Also- before you buy ANYTHING on line create an ebates account and they give you a percentage back (in form of a check sent every 3 months) it's not a lot if you don't shop on line that much my last check was for almost $7 the hard thing is to remember to USE the site... I just realized with my last order... I didn't!

Also thanks to being in the right place at the right time and increasing the writing on this blog I got picked to host another party! I am so excited it is a MAM party and I have the details but I have to get ready to go to work so I won't be able to post about it today. I will be needing ten moms to come and I think I already have seen interest from 6 or 7 I will probably invite 12 because I'm sure someone will end up not being able to come or have a sick kid or something. :)

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