Saturday, September 10, 2011

what to do what to do

Ok so when we bought our house Kjell and I got into more debt than ever before. Some people would say "aw it's a house payment debt is good" but sorry to me I hate any kind of debt so the goal in our family is to pay off a 30 year loan in 7. (we better since our adjustable rates kick in in seven years and can raise our rate by 2% a year. I love our loan company ING because when I called in they said here is the amount to pay off the house in 30 years. (of course they are going to give that to me) and then they said- and here is the amount to get it paid off in seven.. I was surprised they gave it to me without me asking. They said well we are in the business of giving loans not owning homes so we want to help you as much as we can. OK long story short we started out with a 60K loan and wanted to do something special every time we got 10K paid off. Because we truly sacrifice in other ways- hardly ever eating out, limited shopping, garage sale for clothes etc. So Next month we will hit our first 10K off and I was wanting help finding a way to celebrate for our family. I had thought eating out at a nicer restaurant with the family but I just didn't feel that was "special" enough. So I wanted some ideas. Kjell thought maybe we should start with an eating out meal and then progress a bit more each time we hit another 10K however I have no ideas of what to do. I know some people can't post to the blog so feel free to post on facebook! Thanks! Oh yeah we know what we are doing when we get it all paid off. going on a big family vacation because... well we never have unless it was with our parents minus a trip we got to take when we went to CA for a wedding a few years back but we had major help paying for our airline tickets.

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