Friday, September 23, 2011

Another fun mail day

Well today was another great day for my mailbox.

Justus was super excited to get a birthday card from Geoffery and Toys-R-US it comes with a $3 off any $3 purchase. Head to their website to sign your kids up. I think the max number of kids they let you have signed up is three though. We always let the kids pick out something for around $10 for this gift they love it because it is the ONLY time I will ever take them near a Toys-R-US.

I got a swiffer 360 duster from this is a website everyone needs to sign up for they send freebies several times a year. I can't say what all I have gotten from then because I haven't kept track in the past. I guess I'll add that too the plan for 2012 also got some $2.00 off any swiffer dust and shine product if anyone would like me to send them one just let me know I have 3.

I got two checks today from a couple of survey sites I am a member of. The first was for $10 from Synovate check out their site they are only open to new members at certain times and they are open now. last year I hit the jackpot with them. I tested like 10 products for them- this year though this is only my second check so I've made 20 bucks from them. They send about 1-2 surveys a week so they will not bombard you with surveys that is one reason you don't make money very fast but to me that's ok.

I got another check for another company it was for $21 it says I have been with them since 2005 and made 106 dollars. That breaks down to 17 dollars a year... lol not very much. However the "problem" with them is I rarely get asked to take a survey and if I do they fill up fast I am often behind on my emails and they are closed already. I don't see not getting many offers as a bad thing because they don't fill up my inbox if that makes sense. Some companies send you 10 + emails a day and you don't qualify for any but you just wasted that much time. That's why companies like these stay on my keep list instead of being deleted.

I also got 2 more checks for Enfagrow formula these will go straight onto ebay- I made 3.50 on these last time and 5.25 the time before that. DO NOT throw your formula "checks" away sell them on ebay. Make your shipping cover the stamp and start your bids at .01 you WILL make some money.

I also got some sears photo coupons but those will go in the trash that place was such a rip off when we went last time. Hope this helps you guys make a little bit of money :)

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