Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dec 3rd

One month off from my blog wow this always seems to happen when I get busy! My mailbox has been full of goodies lately, I have also been picked to host a lot of parties lately. I have never ever had this many so it's been a bit crazy but I enjoy all the free stuff I usually get and I also enjoy getting to give people free stuff. My latest party was for the new Smurfs movie. I wasn't that impressed with what I got (as incentive which was basically nothing) but it was still fun to have friends over and do a few fun projects with the kids. We had a bunch of blue food (yummy blue popcorn) and the kids made some smurfs hats. I can't wait to get that picture loaded. The company who allowed me to have this party is AWESOME I have also been able to host two Old Navy "parties" where I got to get myself and a friend old navy gear, last time it was active wear and this time (next weekend) I get to take three people with me to get a free sweater, pair of pants and a scarf. How fun is that. I never buy new clothes for myself so I love being able to go shopping and it's going to be girls weekend for me and a friend and I am SOOO excited to get to spend some time with her and get to know her better. If you are interested in the company, I only hold the name out because if you ask me to sign you up I get some points, but I LOVE this company!!!

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