Saturday, December 10, 2011

Had such a great weekend! Spent it with my friend Jessica in Wichita, we got to stay at a nice house for free (thanks to the people involved with that SOOO MUCH!) and we did a lot of shopping. We ended the trip with a visit to Old Navy because I had won a party from one of the companies that I do projects with. This one has become my very favorite of all of them lately as they have allowed me to host some awesome parties. The company is Crowdtap if you would like to sign up let me know and I will send you an invite you. Tonight's party was for us to find out more about Old Navy's winter products. First we decided to go for the whole ski bunny look. I LOVED the new Techno hats that Old Navy has you can plug your MP3 Player into them and they have built in ear buds or something. Plus these hats come in the awesomest brightest colors ever. I also tried on a pair of their fleece pants and they were so warm and cozy. Probably the higlight of my first outfit though was the vest. It was the brightest pink and so not puffy I don't own a vest because of puffing issues but this vest did not have that. The second outfit we tried on was our outdoors'y outfits. We grabbed plaid shirts from the men's department and were suprised by how nice they looked on us girls! Then we found some boots that were REALLY warm. I think Jessica even got to do a sales pitch to a few customers on how comfortable and warm the boots were. We all got to take home a sweater and pair of jeans for our time. I didn't realize Old Navy had so many different cuts of jeans, not only styles but different waist lengths. I just wish I would have figured out that part BEFORE we left the store. We all also go a scarf and I am excite to wear mine! THANK YOU OLD NAVY AND CROWDTAP for such an awesome time!!!!!

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