Monday, April 14, 2014

Mom's Night Out Movie Review and Giveaway

Ok my husband officially thinks I am crazy because I just keep watching this preview and laughing and laughing... He just doesn't get it. I CAN NOT WAIT for this movie to come out here is a trailer here if you haven't seen it yet. Here is a CLIP of the movie for ya. There is also a longer one on youtube you can check out as well. We are actually well I guess I am actually planning a MOPS night out when this movie comes to Salina so that we can all maybe go eat a nice supper and relax at a movie but I am also realistic and know most of my friends are watching their budget too so maybe just the movie and big tubs of popcorn. I can not wait! Being a mom of four it is always important to try to find some mommy time as well. This clip was sponsored by Purex and they have a giveaway for us to try to win. So come on ladies lets get this one won!  It sounds like so much fun and exactly what I need! Here is the link to win a NIGHT OUT for you and five of your closest friends (as long as that includes me!)

So who's with me when we go see this movie??????? Hopefully no one gets arrested on our trip. (watch the longer clip to understand that one!)

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