Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Purex No Sort for Colors Review and Giveaway

Justus has two major jobs at our house. Cleaning his own room and helping me sort laundry every Thursday or Friday. Yes I am that mom who still with a family of six washes all the clothes on the same day. The morning we were to do laundry I told Justus how we weren't going to have to sort the clothes this week, then I handed him the bottle. Words like AMAZING and WOW THIS IS MAGIC came out of his mouth! He also said, "mom, Purex should have sent you two bottles!" Let me tell you I will not get away with buying anything else as long as this kid is helping me with the laundry! The bottle tells us that the detergent can trap loose dyes and reduces dye bleeding chances not allowing them to settle onto other clothing items.. It DOES however state it is in fact not magic (sorry Justus) and new "strongly" colored clothes or jeans should be washed at least five times with like items before you can trust that it wont cause bleeding. 

I enjoyed the product a lot. I actually threw in each kid's basket as a load and then had that kid's stuff all done so hypothetically I could just wash, dry and fold it all and get it put in their room before the next load. However with four kids most moms know that just doesn't usually happen that way. So yes I got all the laundry washed before lunch. Which is good I usually have the last load out by 2. It really seemed to save me a lot of clothes. My only issue which isn't really a big deal is- I don't know if I have/had any clothes in there that could have transferred dye or not. We are super frugal when it comes to clothes so most are either old, garage sale finds or hand me downs!  However I really did feel I gained an extra hour of my life that day and that is well worth it. I am so type A though I am not sure how much I enjoy just tossing it in. (yes I know I am weird) 

Anyways I would like to share this product with you in the form of three free product coupons so don't forget to enter my giveaway- Rafflecopter has seemed to work great as long as I remember to actually put the question in so I will try that again if it doesn't work please don't hesitate to contact me like last time! 

ALSO Purex has their giveaway you can enter at their website they are giving away $1000 and a year's supply of this detergent! One of these days it will be my reader who wins! GOOD LUCK!  http://insiders.purex.com/TheRulesHaveChangedwithPurexNoSort?id=335

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