Monday, April 28, 2014

Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets Review and GIVEAWAY!

I just have to say I have so much fun getting to try every Purex product under the sun and then getting to share my experiences with you. We even got the high school grads we got invites from a honkin HUGE bottle of Purex this weekend at Target. I think they have enough for 133 loads- Kjell's like that's a whole year for college kids! Anyways back to this dryer sheet- as soon as I opened the box my whole kitchen and living room took on this scent. It was EXTREMELY powerful. In the promo Purex says they can keep our whole house smelling fresh and they were not kidding! Kjell was complaining of a stinky room at school and I told him he might just want to take one of these sheets. Ok so since it did smell up the house so much I was a teeeny bit worried that the smell was going to be that strong on the clothes. Now everyone who knows me knows I LOVE scent in my laundry products but this was a bit too flower-y for Kjell's taste so when I did my first load I was pleasantly surprised that it was a more gentle smell then I had thought.  So once again there are two giveaways one that I am doing that is for a free product coupon- the other is the one that Purex does and they are giving away $500 I tell you what one of these days one of my bloggers is going to win this...
I will have three awesome ways for you to enter but only the first one is required. Thanks for entering and reading and know that Purex provided me with a sample of this product in exchange for my product review. However all opinions here are MINE :) 
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