Monday, April 8, 2013

Combat ant/roach killing bait strips

So I am to try this product but I don't have any ants YET. I always wonder when we move into a new house (since there have been several of them) I was thinking of setting some food out on the kids' table outside and seeing if I could drive some ants here to see how well these work. But I didn't think I should kill ants that were minding their own business. I think this product looks like it would be very easy to keep in a discreet location and take care of those pesky summer friends that sometimes sneak into the house. I have a feeling we will get some this year since our sliding glass door is right next to our dining room table and the kids aren't exactly clean :) and if you just love to watch you tube videos click on here to see the official combat youtube page. This giveaway is a little different there will only be one winner and instead of me sending you a coupon I will send your name to the company who sends me this stuff and they will send it straight to you. To enter just post roach or ant depending on what product you would like to receive. You can also try to win $1000 by entering here
Good Luck
Combat provided me with a  sample of Combat Killing Bait Strips in exchange for this review.