Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Soft Scrub 4-in-1 toilet care

Dry Idea

I have to tell you I don't usually brag about toilet cleaner but I am totally SOLD on Soft Scrub's new product. I am not sure why the picture is blurry. It is called the 4 in one because it cleans, prevents buildup, fights toilet ring and freshens for up to four weeks. The even better news is it costs less than two dollars! My own personal toilet cleaner and I don't even have to pay that much. Now I have to tell you I got to get really close to this product. I came down with the flu the week that I put this in the toilet. So as I was hanging out in the bathroom with a very upset stomach, I got to see that in fact this product was doing it's job. It is tough to keep a toilet clean in the Nordgren household. I got a four year old boy who likes to look everywhere but where he is aiming when he goes to the bathroom and sometimes I just get really busy and don't get the toilets cleaned as often as they need to be. I was very impressed with the sparkle. I can not wait to get another one of these and put it down in the kids' bathroom- not sure what it is about a 6 and a 4 year old but they can't remember to flush so their toilet always looks awful. This product also comes with bleach if you want that. I also think it has a good smell and the first several days when ever I was in the bathroom I kept wondering what smelled so good! I thought Kjell had changed deodorants or something! To enter today please just let me know what you are most looking forward to with Spring maybe here?? I write this as there is snow on the ground but hopefully the last one of the season. Make sure to also enter on the link I have posted to win $1000! I would love to have someone I know win this that would be AWESOME!

Soft Scrub gave me a free product to try and review- all of the statements here are my own. 

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