Monday, April 22, 2013

Old Navy Ts

I was lucky enough to get some coupons for Old Navy T's from Crowdtap and awesome company who asks opinions on several brands. This coupon was for two free t shirts for a friend and me. So I had my first outing without Javan- and yes I talked about him the whole time and I feel like it was like that date who only talks about their ex with how much I talked about him and worried! lol But we had a great time shopping and trying on shirts and eating at Olive Garden. I was really impressed with the styles they had and the many many different colors. I really wanted to get more than two that day, but we found out at checkout that this week they have a special buy one get one free deal. And the full price of one shirt is only $8 or $8.50 so very reasonable. I will be getting more of these as they are a bit more dressy than just a "normal tshirt" but at such a great price I can afford to get several of them! I didn't buy the orange one that is one I am going to have to go back and get. The other picture is my friend Jennifer- we got the cami's she is holding for 3.50 WOW that was also a great deal!

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