Monday, October 26, 2009

89 more days

Well today was day one and it was HARD. I just felt like I was incapable of doing it. Not everything, no I enjoyed about 15 of the 58 minute workout. Haha. I know I'm just being hard on myself. I can't do a pushup to save my life and that was half of this workout. The other half was pull ups and I don't have a pull up bar or the bands they were talking about. Sometimes it stinks living so close from a big store where I could go buy either one of those things. Guess I'll wait until Thanksgiving but by then I'll be four weeks in. Oh well. I really do wish I had a partner to do it with me. I don't know when my mom was here and we did it together I would not want to quit. Weird because I know she wasn't watching me, but I didn't want to quit on her either. Tomorrow should hopefully be better maybe... doing plyometrics, I haven't done that since highschool/college. Tony the guy on the video says just keep pressing play. and that is what I plan to do.

Kjell has begun the demolition of our front porch. He actually started this weekend. Kjell's parents are coming out in two weekend and going to help us build a nice wood porch and putting in our new bathtub. Over thanksgiving we are going to buy the vanity for our "master" bathroom and maybe put the lights I bought for the main bathroom in the other bathroom since we haven't had time to change the wiring yet to get it in the main bath. We have new neighbors behind us. They are a couple we went to a Bible study with and they are kind of doing what we are doing they bought it and are doing one major project. Redoing the whole kitchen so they are living in the basement right now until the kitchen is done. They are lucky they have a finished basement. Maybe that will be where we go with next year's tax return. Who knows. Oh the good thing about demo on the porch. Kjell is using the old cement for our driveway. It gets pretty bad when it snows and we looked into paving it.... and that is a project a couple years down. I think he may be able to put the broken up cement in the whole driveway... meaning we can pull up the carpet under the carport. yes we have carpet in our carport actually in random places it's nailed down outside. Well going back to watch the eagles slaughter the redskins. Feel sorry for the skin's coach

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