Tuesday, October 13, 2009

well I am starting to get all sorts of offers to try products for free if I will blog about them. I wonder if they check my blog to see if I have any posts. or followers for that matter. Will I become one of those who starts talking about all the money I save (like getting three cards today from shutterfly for .99 and they all have wonderful pics of my family on them) or all the other great awesome free stuff I've gotten lately... I don't know this was supposed to be a family blog but I can tell you that hiptosave.blogspot.com is where I get a lot of my good stuff. To think all this free stuff started out as a walmart thing with me and my mom and now has progressed into so much more. getting free stuff almost every day in my mailbox is fun. I am still doing all the online survays too and have managed to bring in 65 dollars this week and am hoping my check for 50 will come as well. It does take some time but I do get to stay home with my family and I only work when I want to. hopefully I'll get to try these two new products they are talking about one is a temple thermomiter thing. I would love to try this because I have yet to find one that is accurate for my family. I end up taking one of the kids' temps and then taking mine to see if their's is high. So I think something that would be easy and fast would be great. I would love it to get it soon since I'm bound to have H1N1 hit my household in the near future.

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