Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I still haven't figured out the way I'm going to take the blog. I named it for Kjell and I both but so far he hasn't gotten too interested. In fact the other day he asked who I was writting and I said I was writting on my blog. He's like you have a blog and said no we have a blog. I guess it really will end up being something that is probably just a place for me to get my thoughts and ideas out since I only have three followers! (I thank you three)

There's just so much on my mind right now I don't even know where to start. I guess with the fact that I should never watch the news before I go to bed. We used to but now we spend time online during that time. But we happend to catch and clip about this couple in the UK who had a bed and breakfast and are have now lost 80% of their buisness, and are facing a closing of their business and up to 8000 bucks in fees. Why? Because they had a muslim woman stay at their B&B and somehow the topic of religion came up. Well this couple was a Christian couple, who happend to disagree with the woman. Who then turned and sued them. Really, I know this is the UK but I thought the freedom of our thoughts and feelings were supposed to be protected. And to add to this, what would happen if the story was reversed. Can I as a Christian who is SICK of hollywood, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, that lady with short hair who HATES Christians can I go and sue them for millions. Well of course not, why because Christians are supposed to sit down and shut up while we just allow others to take over and treat us with the upmost disrespect and distain.

I attended a parenting class last night with Kjell, their books have a HUGE problem with spanking. I do believe that you have to be careful with how you use spanking, and after thinking about this for several weeks Kjell and I realized that Kiah maybe gets one or two spankings a week. We do try to use other methods first and NEVER spank her when we are angry. Well this book tried to tell us that the Bible has been interpruted wrong for two thousand years. That whole verse about spare the rod spoil the child. well the book said that rod actually refers to a shepard's staff, and it doesn't mean we are supposed to spank our children rather guide and direct them like a shepard. WELL first off DUH we are supposed to guide and direct our children but NO it doesn't mean shepards staff. if it did then why does it say in Psalms thy rod and thy staff they comfort me..... why would they use the same word. It says if we use the "violence of spanking in our house it will pour out into our streets." so watch out Atwood looks like my three year old is about to come by for a drive by. Do these people really even have children? I worked in an urban area for two years, where I doubt many of the kids were ever spanked. beaten some yes but for the most part, forgotten, ignored looked at as being more of a problem than being part of the solution. Vilence pouring out into the streets... YUP. My idea is maybe the more the child is ignored the more of an issue with lashing out.

Then there's the whole issue with cookie monster now telling children they shouldn't eat cookies. REALLY??? The cookie monster is telling us not to eat cookies, that's almost like the President of the USA not not standing up for the USA....... oh...... My guess is what parents need to do in this situation is get their kids off the couch watching seseme street all day and hang out with them. Kiah is lucky to get 30 minutes of tv a day (more on the weekend since mommy and daddy like to watch football but it's family time as well) What else does Kiah get EVERY DAY that's right *gasp!!!!* a cookie, yes folks I feed my daughter one cookie basically everyday. She's skinny as can be, healthy and happy. Yeah we eat things in moderation it's not ten cookies a day it's one cookie, but really when the cookie monster turns on everything he stands for I don't know what could get worse.

Ok one more rant. I am on the no call list so Mobile Alabama blind people please don't call me and hang up again. During nap time waking up both kids. I really hate it when people do that. I didn't answer my phone fast enough or something (one and a half rings) so now they will call everyday at nap time until I'm actually the "lucky" one who gets to talk to a real person. Fabuloso!

On a brighter note Justus got his first hair cut yesterday, he looks so grown up, and also I think I may now have him be a vampire for halloween. He had no top teeth but his canines are coming in! LOL so he would do great and with all the Twilight hype and yes mommy read all four books and can't wait for the movie to come out.. it might just work!

I have to bring snacks to Kiah's preschool tomorrow and what did I make sugar cookies so take that cookie monster. I do think I will try to post my P90X progress on here as well. I was looking through the stuff today and think just even writting on here about it if no on reads it, i will feel more accountable. 90 days is a long time to devote an hour to a workout. Hummm just thinking wouldn't it be awesome if I did that with God too. Get spiritually and physically fit at the same time. Maybe I'll go back through some of my old Bible study books from Spring Hill till we get something set up here. Did some really good ones then.

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