Sunday, October 25, 2009

P day

So tomorrow is P-Day the day to end all days the day to begin all days. It's the day to start P90X and I don't know but for some reason that has made me stuff my cheeks like a hampster for the last week. Kjell did all the measuring of body parts today- all I can say is it's game time. I had to take a before picture and since I was wearing less than I would wear to the pool I think I'll keep that picture forever just for myself. Since I've ordered P90X I've seen it advertised everywhere. It's actually made me angry, why? because I hate doing what everyone else is doing DRIVES ME NUTS. I like to do something different not "normal" so I guess now I'm just joining the crowd. My goal is to lose 16.5 pounds from what I weighed tonight. My summer goal was not quite reached but I had gotten close enough to know that my goal weight needed to go about ten pounds more than where it was. For some reason after having kids the weight that looked ok before no longer looks ok!

Today we got family pictures taken first time ever. We also had Justus's pictures taken he was a grouch! did not want to sit he didn't want to stand during his indoor shots but he had fun once he discovered the leaves outside so I'm excited to see the new pictures.

I got our "Free full sized homopathic kids meds" I am not sure yet if I believe they work. Since Kiah was nice enough to get a head cold we've been able to try one of them. It's these tiny pellets that she had to take five every 20 minutes for an hour then every two hours after and it was supposed to stop the symptoms. Well we did the first hour and the first of the two hour ones and then stopped I didn't notice any changes. They also sent cough syrup that tastes just like honey I've heard that honey does some amazing things for colds and things. The other one is called oacillococcinum and it's supposed to offset flu symptoms before they start. This is a little tube you pour a powder on your tongue. Well not sure if those two work yet but you gotta give them points for crazy ideas of how to adminster their products.

Well finishing up watching football I've already clinched a victory over Kjell in fantasy, wasn't even pretty I had a 40 point lead with three guys left and he didn't have anyone left. The other league was a bit closer playing Jordan if Brandon Jacobs gets another touchdown I lose.

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