Saturday, October 17, 2009

This has been a great week for my online survey rewards. I got two checks in the mail this week for a total of 65 dollars. And today I realized Kjell had enough points to cash out for a 25 dollars home depot gift card. Not bad for only working when I have time. Tonight I have to go to our church to help with smorgasborg I had to make a potato recipie so I made one for our family at the same time so that we could eat on ours for about 2 meals. Now I'm going to relax until I have to go to church. I got Kiah's room clean today. Not sure why I bother five minutes with her and Justus in there and it's not in good shape anymore! Enjoying the Oklahoma Texas game. As odd as it is I kinda like both teams. I used to be an OU fan but I really hate them always playing their school song. And Kjell and I saw Texas last year and enjoyed that (haha they killed Kansas and it was freezing!)

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