Thursday, May 3, 2012

Craziest Year of our Life?

Well this next school year could be REALLY interesting. Or it could be a big move/change who knows yet. But I don't want people to worry about us. Pray for us sure worry, nah. For one reason I do enough of that already and for another reason there really is no reason to worry. We have life figured out. (if you don't sense a slight sense of sarcasm in there and a bit of laughing than you need to get to know me a bit better) Kjell has about forty applications out, yes 40 we are willing to move anywhere in the state of Kansas that will take us. That has always been our motto with finding a teaching job, and it will not change even though in my mind we are in the perfect location. But then there is that question- what if no school calls. See this could happen, parents in their anger over playing time really did make it nearly impossible (humanly speaking) for Kjell to get rehired- frankly it looks bad to move once after three years at one school and once after two- people begin to wonder what is wrong with the teacher. So if there are 50 applicants for one job he is probably thrown out at the beginning. We know this and we are (most of the time- calm cool and collected. Why? Because we have a plan B.

Kjell and I have talked about doing full time ministry before- in fact when we met Kjell was working part time for Youth for Christ in Topeka and I was working full time for Urban Young Life in Kansas City Missouri. We always wondered why God called us together only to call us out of ministry. But perhaps this is all part of His crazy plan for our lives. We have talked about Kjell teaching at a school for missionary kids overseas for the last year. It had been heavy on my heart and I prayed a lot about it. Then after Kjell lost his job we really started looking into it and realized... hummm that is a LOT of fundraising to do for this. For most places we need to raise at LEAST 3000 a month. So that seemed nearly impossible to do in a few short months. That is why if we get no phone calls, no interviews, nothing we will somehow live on pennies for the next year while trying to find the perfect school/country and raise money for the next big adventure in our life. So while I may lose sleep over the fact that Kjell lost his job because some girls didn't get to play enough in a handful of basketball games.. I know my GOD causes all things to work together for HIS good and HIS purpose. Sure I'm scared. It will be tough going from making 42K a year to well nothing- Kjell has been offered one very part time job that he can not say yes to until we know what is going on that would bring in about 6000 for the year. And I make about 150 a month. So it could be exciting.

I have always been very good with our money. This could be the biggest challenge I have had to face. We just refinanced our mortgage  (SP?) so we only have to pay 200 a month there ( and now it will NEVER get paid off that is something I am having to cope with) but it's doable. And we have Kjell's paycheck and insurance through the month of August so we got time.


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