Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well we are three weeks into this whole Kjell doesn't have a job after this school year issue. It has been hard and easy at times. Hard because I don't really want to uproot again- sell a house again- buy/rent a house again- pack a moving van again- say goodbye to friends again- make new friends again- ya get the point. But then it is excited to see what God has in store for us and all the possibilities that are out there. Kjell has over 40 applications out and he makes a map and we can see where it is he has applied. It has been very hard though to not know why he was let go and yesterday it seems we really got some answers even if the facts are not correct by those who think they are we now know more and that gives me relief. Because I just felt we knew nothing. Don't really have more of an update at this time. I just know Kjell has worked really hard to get about a million apps out it's almost like when you are a kid and you spun a globe and put your finger on it and said ok here is where I am going to live. Only we are doing that with the state of Kansas. Here's to hoping we hear something soon!

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