Monday, May 14, 2012

What will this day hold?

This is our happy picture. The wow look at us our life is going exactly how we want it to and we are happy picture. This was taken two days before we found out that Kjell had lost his job. It's a picture I love and hate to look at because we had no idea what was coming. But God did. And once again we get to hold His hand as he takes on a new journey/ or perhaps even the same one .

Well today I am just not quite sure what to do. I have been praying a lot, the kids and I went for a walk to do errands and visited a friend. But today is a big day. Kjell is going to go before the school board and ask for his job back. We have heard nothing from the board but plenty of rumors from everyone else to have NO IDEA what is going to happen tonight. I think I should be more nervous but I am just ready to know. And MOVE on no matter what it the result. Of course I don't want to move I live in the same town as my parents I really like my house and I would still like to meet my goal of one day living in a house that is paid off. I don't want to keep finding a good house and then moving away from it. And I know my kids (even though they are young) enjoy the friends they have made.  Last night I thought I slept pretty good and every time I did wake up a praise song or hymn was on my lips. Crazy how sometimes when you are longing for help your subconscious  can focus on Christ for you. Please pray for Kjell tonight at 8PM and whatever happens may God be glorified through it all. I am excited to see where God takes us. I love my husband and know he has shown so much humility in this, and pride has never once been in issue. Including tonight when he will talk to the board to try to keep me where I want to live. When it's all over he has over 50 applications out. Our life is a journey and I only want to be where we can be used by God the most. And He is the only one who knows where that is.

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